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About Us

Dangerous Prodigy Circus History

The dream began in the midst of COVID 2020. Before becoming Dangerous Prodigy Circus, the troupe was known Dany and Company, which consisted of two twenty minute acts performed by Kara Jordan on the cube, Tatiana Merizalde on the sphere, and Rusty Dawn on the lyra in July of 2020. The Dangerous Prodigy Circus name was born in May of 2021 as a brain child of Kara and Tatiana, and the show featured Kara Jordan, Tatiana Merizalde, Jessica Saxon, and Nikki Gardner. In the summer 2021, Victoria McGarvey joined the troupe, and Sarah Carmody, our amazing photographer, joined us on stage in fall 2021. We are thrilled to also have Devon Beckett, Olivia Brown, and Amélie Saxon, all of whom joined our cast this spring.

Meet The Prodigies


Victoria McGarvey

Performer, Choreography 


Dario The Great

Performer,  A good boy.... a really good boy.


Tatiana Merizalde

Performer, Music Director

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